Trips 2009/10



Éarlais? 20 euro

Cathain? 27-29 Samhain 2009 November 27-29

Our first trip this academic year is to the ancient Irish city of Doire – Derry. The modern incarnation of this settlement on the banks of the river Feabhal, as it enters the great sea loch of the same name, is dated to the early 17th century. The city was based on the site of the monastic city founded by saint Colm Cille in the 6th century with the name Doire referring to the oak woods of the area. A hotbed of political action in the years of the Civil Rights struggle with the Northern Ireland government of the Six Counties the city is also famous for its role as a great clothing manufacturing centre and its fully intact city walls. This trip is with the geography students of the Cumann Tíreolaíochta and the Human Rights Soc and includes a city tour, talks and a meeting with the Nobel winner John Hume.

Sign up is on the 19th November Thursday



Éarlais? 20 euro

Cathain? 21-26 Eanáir 2010 January 21-26

Our second trip is to Mainz in late Eanáir – January 2010 where the Cumann Staire has a strong relationship with the equivalent student organisation of that city’s Johannes Gutenberg-Universitat. Mainz is on the banks of the mighty Rhine and has many beautiful buildings centred on it massive 1000 year old Romanesque cathedral. Day trips to the famous cities of Frankfurt am Main and Wiesbaden are planned to happen during the time spent in Mainz. The local students always pull out all the stops to make their Cumann Staire visitors feel welcome and know how to throw a good party when the meetings and sight seeing is over!

Ag dul ar an turas / Signed-up:
Aidín, Nóra, Seán, Michael, Christopher, Lisa, Dónal, Christina, Ken, Tadhg, Duibhir, Séagh, Rab (UU).



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Cathain? 04-13 Márta 2010 March 04-13

The third trip is to the historic city of Constantinople – Istanbul, the capital of Turkey and the ancient ‘second Rome’ of the Eastern Roman Empire. There we will meet local history students, see the sights, visit museums and sample the reknowned night life of the Golden Horn.