Órfhlaith Breathnach

2012-13 Gnáth Bhall an Choiste OCM
2011-12 Ionadaí Gaeilge 
2010-11 Leas-Ionadaí Gaeilge

Órfhlaith Breathnach joined Cumann Staire in her first year and was chosen to take on the role of Leas-Ionadaí Gaeilge for the academic year of 2010/11. Throughout the year she was helpful and she was heavily influential for the organisation and success of the Halloween and Christmas Parties. Órfhlaith was elected to the role of Ionadaí Gaeilge in her second year and the following year was made an OCM. She succesfully managed to juggle this with her roles on the Coiste’s of An Cumann Drámaíochta and Reachtaire of An Cumann Craic.

Órfhlaith is from Castlebar and speaks Irish, English and French. Órfhlaith is part of CS’s sister society Cumann Craic and is part of the old CC-CS Axis. Órfhlaith joined in first year and she quickly became an active member of the CS. She is studying Psychology to great effect, she also studied French, Léann an Aistriúcháin (Irish Translation Studies) and Philosophy in her first year at OÉ Gaillimh.