Christopher O’Boyce

2012-13 Stiúrthóir Gréasáin Webmaster
2011-12 Stiúrthóir Gréasáin Webmaster
2010-11 Stiúrthóir Gréasáin Webmaster
2009-10 Stiúrthóir Gréasáin Webmaster

Christopher O’Boyce(Skelly) joined An Cumann Staire in his first year at NUI Galway and was made the societal Webmaster in his second year. He served as Webmaster on the committee for 4 years and was an ever reliable member and always willing to listen. Christopher gave distinguished service to the Cumann Staire and has fufilled his role with a certain panache.

Christopher is from Donegal and speaks English. He completed his studies in IT and Philospophy as part of his B.A. degree to great effect. Christopher is one of the famous CS group from Buncrana.