Events 2010/2011

23/3/2011 Wednesday
léachtlannSiobhán Mac Kenna Theatre (AM)

Prof. Fergus Kelly

Early Irish FarmingIt’s our final talk of the year and it promises to be good! Professor Fergus Kelly will be giving a talk on “early irish farming” in the Siobhán MacKenna Theatre (Arts Millenium) on wednesday at 7pm. As usual there will be light refreshments served afterwards. Anyone who studies early Irish law will be more than familiar with Professor Kelly. Fergus Kelly is an academic at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. He is currently Director of the School of Celtic Studies. His research interests centre around early Irish law-texts and wisdom-texts. A prolific author and researcher, he has written and edited a number of books and many articles including A guide to early Irish law. He co-edits the journal Celtica and has collaborated with many others including Thomas Charles-Edwards.

Research Interests:Early Irish law-texts and wisdom-texts; at present working on an edition of a thirteenth-century legal treatise attributed to Giolla na Naomh mac Duinn Shleibhe Mheic Aodhagain. Editions of the Legal Heptads and the Old Irish Triads are also planned. Other research interests include the fragmentary law-text ‘Osbretha’ (‘deer-judgements’). Publications .


14/3/2011 Monday
léachtlannMoore Institute Seminar Room

Prof. Ludolf Pelizaeus, (University of Mainz)

The Spanish Inquisition & Media control in Spain & Mexico at the end of the 18th centuryNUIG is delighted to have Prof. Ludolf Pelizaeus, (University of Mainz) give a guest lecture titled “The Spanish Inquisition & Media control in Spain & Mexico at the end of the 18th century”.Prof. Ludolf Pelizaeus, was in 2007 / 08 a Visiting fellow at the College of Arts, Department of history at the National University of Ireland, Galway.


10/3/2011 Thursday
léachtlannSiobhán McKenna Theatre

Dr. Padraig Lenihan

The Battle of AughrimPadraig Lenihan has been a lecturer in history at the National University of Ireland Galway since 2010. Before then he was a lecturer in history at the University of Limerick since 1995. University teaching and research represents his second career: in his first he served as an army officer for fourteen years and also qualified as a barrister-at-law. He is interested in supervising graduate work in early modern military history, Irish history in the long (c.1590-1750) seventeenth century, neo-Latin texts, history of technology, and the history of medicine.


24/2/2011 Thursday
léachtlannSiobhán McKenna Theatre

Dr. Vincent Durac

Irish Foreign Policy in the Middle-EastDr. Vincent Durac lectures in Politics of Development; Middle East Politics; the International Politics of the Middle East ;and Political Islam in the UCD School of Politics and International Relations. His research is focused on a number of aspects of contemporary Middle East Politics, including political reform, the role of civil society, and the impact of external actors in the region. He is a visiting lecturer in Middle East Politics in Bethlehem University in Palestine and is External Examiner on the International Relations programme at the University of Plymouth.


02/2/2011 Wednesday
léachtlannO’Flaherty Theatre

Professor Richard Vinen

ThatcherismAn Cumann Staire is delighted to have Professor Richard Vinen (Kings College London) give a guest lecture titled ‘Thatcherism’. Richard Vinen specialises in twentieth century history. His current research is on Modern Britain and in particular on the Thatcher governments of 1979-1990. Previously he has worked mainly on twentieth century France and produced a number of publications on Vichy, the fourth republic and the Algerian War. These researches culminated in the publication of The Unfree French: Life under the Occupation (Penguin, 2006) which looks at the consequences of the French army’s defeat in 1940 through the daily lives of those caught up in the horrors of war. He has also written a general book on twentieth century Europe, A History in Fragments: Europe in the Twentieth Century (Little Brown, 2000).


Dé Céadaoin 20/1/2011 Thursday
léachtlann Ó Tnuthail

Jackie Uí Chionna

The story of the American former G.I’s who came to Ireland post WWII to study medicine at U.C.G.An Cumann Staire is delighted to have Jackie Uí Chionna (Regis University) give a guest lecture titled ‘The story of the American former G.I’s who came to Ireland post WWII to study medicine at U.C.G.’. Jackie Uí Chionna received her BA from the University College Dublin, her M.A from University College Cork and her ph.D from National University of Ireland, Galway. Jackie’s interest lies Early Christian Ireland and the birth of Irish scholasticism and christian art.


Dé Céadaoin 25/11/2010 Thursday

Christmas Party

Following up from our Halloween table quiz and party, we will be having our annual christmas party this Thursday from 8.oopm onwards in the salthouse on dominic street, so be there or be square!!! There will be free beverages and food for anyone who comes, be sure to come as this is going to be the event of the century. Nóra Ní Dhomhnail will be our special guest for the evening and Michael McNally will be singing an acoustic version of “you’ve got the love”, which can’t be missed. Everyone welcome, Clothes compulsary, Sunglasses optional


Dé Céadaoin 04/11/2010 Thursday
léachtlann Siobhán Mac Kenna

Dr. Andrew Sneddon

Witchcraft, magic and demonic possession in early modern IrelandAn Cumann Staire is delighted to have Dr Andrew Sneddon (University of Ulster) give a guest lecture titled ‘Witchcraft, magic and demonic possession in early modern Ireland’. Dr Andrew Sneddon received his BA in History and Literature from the University of Hertfordshire and his M.Litt from University of St Andrews, with a dissertation on early modern, English sceptical witchcraft theorists. His PhD was awarded by Lancaster University for a thesis on witchcraft sceptic, ‘improver’, and religious controversialist, Bishop Francis Hutchinson (1660-1739). Towards the end of this research (and shortly after it finished), he taught early modern history and study skills at the University of Glasgow.Dr Sneddon then became archivist at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), before being appointed Research Fellow on the Leverhulme Trust funded, Irish Legislation Project, at Queen’s University, Belfast, under the direction of Professor David Hayton and Professor James Kelly. This project designed and constructed an internet-based database containing details of all the legislation (over 4000 items) initiated in the Irish parliament between 1692 and 1800 (see: In 2007, Dr Sneddon was appointed Research Fellow in the Institute of Irish Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast, to work on a study of eighteenth-century institutional medicine. He joined the history department of the University of Ulster, Coleraine in 2008


Dé Céadaoin 21/10/2010 Thursday
léachtlann Siobhán Mac Kenna

Prof. Catherine Clinton

The relevance of Mary Chesnut’s Civil War DiaryAn Cumann Staire is honoured to have Professor Catherine Clinton give a guest lecture on the relevance of Mary Chesnut’s memoir of the civil war. Mary Boykin Chesnut (March 31, 1823 to November 22, 1886) was a South Carolina author noted for writing a sophisticated diary describing the American Civil War and her upper class circles of Southern society. Professor Clinton holds a chair in American history at Queen’s University Belfast where she heads a masters degree program in U.S. history. She has previously taught at Union College, Brandeis University, Wesleyan University and at Harvard University, in both the Department of African American Studies and the Department of History. She recently stepped down from the executive council of the Society of American Historians and continues to serve on the Advisory Commission of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Bicentennial Commission. She has served as president of the Southern Association for Women’s History and has written or edited over 25 books. Her first book, The Plantation Mistress: Woman’s World in the Old South, appeared in 1982 and her recent biography, Harriet Tubman: The Road to Freedom, was named as one of the best non-fiction books of 2004 by the Christian Science Monitor and the Chicago Tribune. Her latest project, Mrs. Lincoln: A Life, has been published by Harper Collins in 2009.


27/10/2010 Wednesday
College Bar

Halloween Quiz

No ChargeThis year An Cumann Staire will be hosting a Halloween Quiz in the college bar on the 27th of October. There will be a free pitcher for every team and drink vouchers for everybody. There will be prizes for best costume and for most historically inaccurate.


Dé Céadaoin 14/10/2010 Thursday
léachtlann Siobhán Mac Kenna

Dr. Paul Quigley

A Nation Among Nations? The Confederate States of America and Transatlantic NationalismPaul Quigley was born in Manchester and received his BA in American Studies from Lancaster University before crossing the Atlantic to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he acquired an MA and Ph.D. in History. He was appointed Lecturer in American History at the University of Edinburgh in 2007. Quigley spent academic year 2009-10 in the United States on a Leverhulme Research Fellowship, researching at archives in Washington, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky.

Dr. Quigley’s main research interests are in the American Civil War and its era, ca. 1846-1877. Other broad interests include nationalism, regionalism, the South, and placing U.S. history within international contexts. His first book, Shifting Grounds: Nationalism and the American South, 1848-1865, will be published by Oxford University Press in 2011. He is now working on a short, primary documents-based book entitled The Fourth of July and the Transformation of American Nationalism, 1846-1877, as well as a larger study of the American Civil War and the world.


Dé Céadaoin 23/09/2010 Thursday
léachtlann Siobhán Mac Kenna

Dr Deirdre McMahon

Ireland and India: Independence and PartitionAn Cumann Staire is delighted to welcome Dr. Deirde McMahon for the first guest lecture on “Ireland and India: Independence and Partition”. This topic was also recently featured and discussed on Newtalk’s “Talking History”. Dr. McMahon is also the secretary of the Irish History Students Association. Light Refreshments and a formal question answer session will take place after Dr. McMahon has given her lecture.

Research Interests: Twentieth century Irish, European and Commonwealth history