Events 2007/2008

Aoine 18/04/08 Friday

Cruinniú Ginearálta Bliantúil

Annual General MeetingThis meeting is for the election of next year’s coiste (organising group) of the Cumann Staire. A wide selection of positions are available and while there are likely to be some coiste members continuing their involvement next year the majority of next year’s coiste will be new as a result of people finishing college or going on Erasmus etc. We are seeking a good balance of 2nd year, final year and postgrad students. In order to see the full list of positions visit the Muidnepage.

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Déardaoin 03/04/08 Thursday
Seandálaíocht 202 Archaeology

Professor Theodore Evergates

Men, Women and Property in the County of ChampagneTheodore Evergates is Professor of History at McDaniel College in Maryland, USA. He recently publishedThe Aristocracy in the County of Champagne, 1100-1300 which provides the first systematic analysis of the aristocracy in the county of Champagne under the independent counts then in control of this key region of France. He is also the editor of Feudal Society in Medieval France: Documents from the County of Champagne and Aristocratic Women in Medieval France.
(In association with the MA in Medieval Studies)


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Máirt 02/04/08 Tuesday
Physics seminar room

Ethnicity and Self-Interest

The German minority and representative politics in pre-revolutionary RussiaNiall Williams is currently in the final year of his PhD research project entitled ‘Ethnic identity among the Volga Germans in Russia, 1870 – 1918. He will present a paper on his findings for evidence of ethnic identity among the German minority of the Volga region from the 19th century up to, and including the Duma elections of 1906. Also covered will be the relations between this minority group and other German speaking areas within the Russian empire, as well as their relations with their Russian speaking neighbours during the years of accelerating changes within the political systems of the empire.

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Céadaoin 12/03/08 Wednesday

Robin Briggs (Oxford)

The Invisible Crisis of the French Monarchy, 1690-1720Robin Briggs is a Senior Research Fellow and Special Lecturer in Modern History at the University of Oxford, England. His main research interests include the history of religion, popular belief and witchcraft in Europe, c.1500-1800; French history (social, political and economic) 1500-1800 and French and British naval history, 1660-1815.
The ‘Sun King’, Louis XIV, lead the way in the creation of the form of monarchical government that became known as Absolutism and through his leadership of a new powerful France brought his country to new heights of international prestige. Earlier military and economic achievements were not repeated in the latter part of his reign due to a combination of internal and external factors. Robin Briggs will bring his reknowned experience in the analysis of this period to bear in what promises to be a great event.
Published books by Robin Briggs include: Witches and Neighbours: The Social and Cultural Context of European Witchcraft (1996); Early Modern France, 1560-1715 (1998); The Witches of Lorraine (2007).


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Máirt 11/03/08 Tuesday


A great play full of historical significanceOne of Early Modern England’s great stage works is being put on by our own Dramsoc in the Quad over four evenings. Come along for the 21:30 performance on Máirt-Tue 11/03/08 at a discounted rate for all Cumann Staire members. The current stormy weather provides the perfect backdrop for a stirring drama that presents a decidedly propaganda laced story of the last Gaelic king of Scotland. Considering it was written to attract the patronage of the first Scottish king to mount the English throne further lends to it’s historic appeal.

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Céadaoin 05/03/08 Wednesday

Research Studies as an Option for History Graduates

Tonaí Ó Roduibh (IRCHSS Scholar)Where-to after graduation for those interested in further history related studies? Tonaí will use his experience at both BA and MLitt-PhD levels to present a talk on options for post graduation studies both in NUIG and further afield. This realistic assessment of what it is to be a postgrad will cover all aspects of graduate studies from application framing through funding and onto social development and interaction. Information on available courses and funding sources will be available while guidance will be given to those seeking to frame a research proposal.
At the end of the talk there will be plenty of time made available to students seeking advice or guidance from attending postgrads and lecturers.


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28/02/08 – 03/03/08
Gach Áit! – Everywhere!


International History ConferenceThe Aistir International History Conference brings students from all over Europe to our wonderful wee part of the world to give papers on a variety of historic topics and to experience a good dollop of our culture and hospitality. Saturday sees a fantastic selection of papers not alone as part of aistir but also as part of our hosting of the IHSA Annual Conference. The Irish History Students Association’s annual event brings history folk from all over Inis Fáil together and its hosting is a major coup for the Cumann Staire. In addition to the day of papers other highlights include a one night trip to Clare, day trips to Mayo and Dublin and a star studded official launch on Friday at 19:00. Directly following the launch we can look forward to another cracking Tráth na gCeist – International History Table Quiz hosted by the bubbly Nóra. Each round will be on a different area’s history and as we will mix the students from near and far there should be plenty of opportunities for embarrassment; make sure ye can answer the Irish questions right to have the moral high ground! Tuilleadh eolais ar:

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Máirt 19/02/08 Tuesday
Téatar Siobhán MacKenna (Arts Millennium)

Help Session on Essay Writing for Visiting Students

Dr. Kim LoPreteWondering how to get a B in your university work while here in Ireland?Wonder no more as Dr. Kim LoPrete of the Department of History will offer guidance and tips on how to get those top grades.
Irish students are used to the academic system here at NUI Galway but with a little tweaking of approach most visitng students from English speaking backgrounds can perform just as well. As an American academic working in the Irish system Dr. LoPrete is well placed to compare and contrast differences between the two, and to provide advice on how to improve your marks.

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Máirt 05/02/08 Tuesday
Institiúid de Móra

Dr. Anette Pelizaeus (Mainz)

The Mainz Cathedral, Romanesque architecture and sculpture on the Rhine in the 11th and 12th centuriesDr. Annette Pelizaeus is a leading lecturer on Art History at the University of Mainz, Germany. This talk is based on her extensive knowledge of the spread and development of the Romanesque style of church design and adornment throughout Germany and beyond. Through this art style the massive cathedral of Mainz is linked to the beautiful Romanesque stone churches of this island. The use of Romanesque sculpture to transmit important religious and social messages in the 11th and 12th centuries is a key reflection of the history of the development of European society and the part played by the Romanesque movement in fostering a pan European culture.


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Máirt 29/01/08 Tuesday
Téatar Fottrell (AM)

Dr. Seán Duffy

Senior Lecturer, University of Dublin – TCDA leading expert on Mediaeval Ireland known for his publications on the topic, his work in Trinity’s Mediaeval History section and his position as one of the directors of the Centre for Irish-Scottish and Comparative Studies.
Seán Duffy will give a thought provoking talk on the almost ignored 11th century in Irish history. Marked on one end by the rise of Brian Ború and on the other by invasion and conquest from Britain this century is often treated as an orphan from the preceding and following periods of invasion related turmoil. The famous Battle of Cluain Tarbh has been both celebrated and subjected to revisionist uncermining but without any real attempt at placing its significance within a wider Irish and European context. These topics and others will be expounded upon by Dr. Duffy.
Seán’s most recent publication is entitled The World of the Gallowglass: Kings, Warlords and Warriors in Ireland and Scotland, 1200-1600 which hit the shelves in late 2007. Two of his other better known works are Robert the Bruce’s Irish Wars: The Invasions of Ireland 1306-1329 (2002) and Ireland in the Middle Ages (1997).


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Céadaoin 23/01/08 Wednesday
Áras na Mac Léinn

Ticéid don Arts Ball ar díol

Arts Ball Tickets Go On SaleDespite the problems with the online booking system the evening before there was little panic the following morning as people arrived to buy tickets. Most people had printed off a booking sheet with their lowest queue place number as per the instructions put up on the booking site once the bug hiding the queue numbers had been fixed. Russell then began the task of calling out blocks of numbers to come up and collect their booked tickets starting from position one. Meanwhile Tonaí was on hand with his laptop to assist those without printed proof of their queue number and everyone else was busy handling the actual ticket sales. Over 85% of tickets went to final year purchasers with non final years also getting a chance; those with the lowest queue numbers succeeding in getting their hands on the golden ticéid. Due to the massive instance of panic multiple bookings the final ticket went to the lucky male final year student below with a queue number hisher than 14,600! The unlucky hopeful students in the background just missed out in a nerve racking few minutes of rising numbers being called out by the now exhausted Russell.

Ag tosn� Ar lorg tic�id Ag obair go dian An cheann deirneach Russell tar �is an imeacht!

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Máirt 22/01/08, Céadaoin 23/01/08 <->
18:00, 10:00

Ticéid don Arts Ball ar fáil

Online ticket booking system goes liveNá caill an deis! The online ticket booking system goes live at 18:00 via our Arts Ball page on this site. Judging by previous years all the ticket queue places will be gone within three minutes or so.. yep, 3!
Then be in the next morning to get your booked tickets. If not there when your booking number is called you will lose your place and may not get a ticket; unless there are some left when the rest of the queue has been dealt with.
Déardaoin 24ú – Áras na Mac Léinn: ticket sales from 10:00 for final years, from 11:00 for all other years.


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Céadaoin 16/01/08 Wednesday

Semester 2 Meeting and Website Launch

All the info on what’s coming up this semester..Official launch of our new website to be found at our two exclusive web addresses of and
There will be a demonstration of the website and its associated site, the home site of our own Aistir international historic studies conference by their author Tonaí Ó Roduibh (IRCHSS scholar). In addition the meeting will cover our scheduled events during this semester; everything from the Arts Ball to the Spraoi Bhríde, our hosting of the IHSA and Aistir conferences and the various stimulating history talks.
This is also a great opportunity to meet new and existing members after SocsDay II..


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Céadaoin 16/01/08 Wednesday
Áras na Mac Léinn


All aboard for Semester2!!Come along and help out at the Cumann Staire recruiting table for Societies’ Day II..
Throughout the expanses of Áras na Mac Léinn and the Bank Of Ireland Theatre a vast selection of social clubs will be advertising their wares and seeking new members.


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Déardaoin 22/11/07 Thursday

Cóisir na Nollag

Christmas PartyOur big pre study time cóisir is on this Déardaoin – Thurs at 8 with bia-food, deoch-drink, ceol-music and craic-savage Gaelic bout of loud sweaty disorganised fun bedlam complete with bouncy balubas!!

As is traditional we will not be alone in this erudite escapade with our fellow tribes from Seandálaíocht-‘sandals 7 trowels’, Tíreolaíocht-‘joggers’ and Clasaicí-‘living in denial that we live where we do’.. so come in fancy dress if ye want but togas might be a wee bit on the chilly side!

Tá súil orm go mbeidh slua maith ann ón gCumann Staire agus beidh oíche craiceáilte againn gan amhras!!!

drualus - mistletoeDrualus (mistletoe) was used by our ancient Celtic druids in their winter celebrations. They revered the plant since it had no roots yet remained green during the cold months of winter. Trees were in general esteemed and the letters of the Gaelic alphabet were traditionally each associated with a different tree.

The ancient Celts believed drualus to have magical healing powers and used it as an antidote for poison, infertility, and to ward of evil spirits. The plant was also seen as a symbol of peace, and it is said that among Romans, enemies who met under drualus would lay down their weapons and embrace.

Scandanavians associated the plant with Frigga, their goddess of love, and it may be from this that we get the custom of kissing under the mistletoe. Those who kissed under a sprig of drualus had the promise of happiness and good luck for the following year.

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Dé Céadaoin 14/11/07 Wednesday

Absract Writing for Conference Papers

Tonaí Ó Roduibh (IRCHSS Scholar)This short talk will be of particular interest to any student considering presenting a paper at either the IHSA or Aistir conferences in Spring 2008. Both conferences are being hosted by the Cumann Staire and are open to both undergrads and postgrads. Papers are normally around twenty minutes long and the abstracts are only 100 to 300 words in length. Tonaí will run through the aims and structure of an abstract, as well as presenting sample abstracts that may be used as models. Advice will be available for those not yet settled on a paper topic or approach.
For those not yet sure if they are going to present a paper there will be guidance and support.
Solaistí ina dhiaidh.

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Dé Máirt 6/11/07 Tuesday

The Search for the True Faith

The cities of the Austrian Vorlande facing the Reformation,
1460 till 1540
An enlightening and interesting talk by Dr. Ludolf Pelizaeus of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. Dr. Pelizaeus is a well known expert on Early Modern Europe, with a particular focus on relations within and without the Habsburg empires of Spain and Austria-Germany.
We are happy to add that he will be a visiting lecturuer here with Roinn na Staire for our second semester. Thus this evening’s talk presents a great opportunity for students to preview his lecturing style before confirming their module choices for that semester!

Ludolf Pelizaeu

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Déardaoin 25/10/07 Thursday
Téatar Larmour


How to Score Well.This talk will serve as an introduction to how to perform best in colloquia and will be of special interest to second year students.
Tonaí (postgrad IRCHSS scholar) and Jennifer (final year undergrad) will be giving an insight into how the scoring system works, how best to plan and write the large essay and how to get ahead without losing it!
Handouts and a question and answer session should leave everyone a little wiser and will also be of use to those students opting to take their colloquium in semester two.

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Céadaoin 17/10/07 Wednesday
College Bar

Tráth na gCeist

Table QuizYep, the ever popular Table Quiz is back this week in the back room of the bar and is as cheap as ever at 5 euro per person.. don’t worry about having enough of a gang to form a table of four as we’ll be mixing and matching ye to fill the tables! A great way to meet new people, have the craic and curse the questions for being too easy/hard/weird/etc. Our Úr Mhac Léinn/Fresher/Lambeen Nóra will be in charge so come along and watch her sink or swim.. Oooo!
The prizes will leave the Crannchur Náisiúnta in the ha’penny place.. terms and conditions and escape clauses apply 😉