Aiséirí Week

22/09/2013 – 26/09/2013 all-day
National University of Ireland
University Road, Galway
Aiséirí Week @ Galway | Ireland

An Cumann Staire and Arch Soc. have joined forces to bring history alive on campus this September 23 – 26 with ‘Aiséirí’ (Resurrection). 

The event promotes the idea of ‘bringing the past to life’ – engaging an exciting new way of teaching and learning about our history and heritage. It kicks off at lunchtime (around 2pm) on Monday, September 23 in Áras na Mac Léinn, which is where most of the excitement will be concentrated. Other events are scheduled to be held on thePresident’s Lawn and Fisheries Field. NUIG will come alive with the past!
Aiseiri: Historical NUIG Treasure Hunt (Monday, 1pm, Aras na Mac Leinn)
A treasure hunt featuring historical locations and sites around campus…fastest team back wins!


Aiseiri: Medieval Torture Device and Weaponry Display (Monday 1-5, Tuesday & Thursday 10-5, Aras na Mac Leinn)
display of replica medieval torture equipment, swords, shields, helmets from Athenry Heritage Centre


Aiseiri Launch Reception (Monday 7pm, The View, Aras na Mac Leinn)
with music from medieval duo Nuada and an assortment of refreshments


Aiseiri: Late Medieval Re-enactment with “Claíomh” (Tuesday 10am-4.30pm, Presidents Lawn)
Throughout the day re-enactment group “Claíomh” will be providing insight into the Later Medieval period with an exciting combination of demonstration and presentation featuring sword fighting, historical talks and an oppertunity for a hands-on inslight into period accurate material culture such as weaponry, armor and pottery


Aiseiri: Prehistoric Pottery Class/Workshop: Pottery Production and Use in Archaeology (Tuesday 6pm, Art Room, Aras na Mac Leinn)
Pottery Production and Use in Archaeology with Colleen O Hara
€2 Students / €5 non-students [maximum 20 participants]
Pottery is an extremely common, though often overlooked artefact found regularly during archaeological digs. Ceramics are found in vast array of site types and pertaining to all levels of the social hierarchy. The humble cooking pot may not inspire the imagination but it can prove invaluable in telling us about the daily lives of people whose history was never recorded in the written record. This talk will provide an interesting insight into the history of pottery making and use from prehistoric funereal urns to early modern prestige goods. Decorative techniques and firing methods will be explained alongside in-class demonstrations. There will also be the opportunity to get some hands-on experience in making your pot. Historical accuracy is up to you!
Aiseiri: Bake Sale, plus Spinning and Textile Production Demonstrations (Wednesday 10am-2pm, foyer, Aras na Mac Leinn)
Aiseiri: Society Variety Day (Wednesday 1pm-5pm, Fisheries Field)
Medieval Forge Demonstration
Replica Iron Age Chariot
Cumann Staire: display of replica medieval torture equipment, swords, shields, helmets from Athenry Heritage Centre
Arch Soc: Fulacht Fiadh (experimental archaeology)
Art Soc: Henna Tattoos/Face Painting
Victorian Soc & Disney Soc: Mad Hatters Tea Party
Lotus Soc: Outdoor Yoga Session


Aiseiri: Glass Bead Making Workshops (Thursday, Meeting Room 2, Aras na Mac Leinn)
€2 students / €5 non students [maximum 15 participants per class]
Workshop running three times during the day: 10:30-12:00 ; 13:00-14:30 ; 15:30-17:00
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