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Of reeling in the years, Bertie’s yellow pants, CDG etc (64.14)

Dearest Comrades, We hope you had a happ-e Halloween. We have the following thing taking place this very week. It may involve Bertie Ahern in THOSE yellow pants, Triggs, Mickey Joe Harte, weapons of mass destruction and many other unmentionable

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Of Christmas and WW1(x2) (64.8)

Dearest Comrades,   ​We have been specially asked to convey to you an event that will be happening on this very day. ​   The Institute for Lifecourse and Society, in collaboration with the School of History,  will host a

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Film Screening “All’s Quiet on the Western Front” (62.2)

Hello, Cumann Staire and Film Soc present “All’s quiet on the Western Front” an epic war film directed by Lewis Milestone. Based on the novel by Maria Remarque this is one of the most epic war films ever made. A

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Bandobrudders (61.9)

A big hello to all you truckers out there. Today, and everyday, but more accurately Thursday is the day that we are showing Band of Brothers again. 8.30 in the Larmor Theatre. If you don’t know where that is then

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Very very special message (61.6)

Hello you! Tonight, the continuation of the showing of the Band of the Brothers. See some things happening that are representations of what happened in the second World War all from the comfort of a seat. Tonight apparently some version

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