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Annual Christmas Party, Natural Resources in Medieval Ireland, and Farewell For Now (65.13)

My fellow History enthusiasts!   Last week, we were thoroughly entertained by Dr. Séan Ó Duibhir and his lecture on the development of the IRA(s) during the twentieth century. One interesting note he touched on was the reading of the

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IRA Development, 1916 Letters Project, The Nine Years War & Hedge School (65.12)

Comrades! Last week, your Cumann Staire made the perilous adventure to Cork where we engaged in the hazardous undertaking that tackles many an Irishman in their lives: Trying to understand a heavy Cork accent. Much fun was had. Events: ‘Pragmatism

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Cork Trip, Windsors, Noel Browne and Songs of the Rising (65.11)

My fellow history enthusiasts,   Last week, we were treated to an inspiring lecture about the Byzantines by Dr. Dion Smythe (QUB). The Byzantines famously believed in the Middle Ages that they were in fact Roman. So, it just goes

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Byzantines, Holocaust Survivor, Our Pagan Past, Irish Taskmasters and a Trip to Cork (65.10)

My fellow history fanatics,   Last week, we were treated to a delightful rendition of ‘The Playboy of The Western World’ by the Blue Raincoat Theatre Company. However, because the play was set in rural Mayo, there were some difficulties

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