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Playboy of the Western World, Burial Islands & Halloween (65.9)

Dearest Comrades/Friends, Last week, we were all treated to a wonderfully enticing lecture by the well-renowned Prof. Malcolm Barber (Reading) entitled: ‘The Trial of The Templars’. Amongst discussing the history of the order, their trial in 1307 and its impact

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Templars, Spirituality, Western Identity and Dominican Textiles (65.8)

Dearest Comrades!   Last week there were howls of unrest, echoes of unwanted solitude and even a small tear hurried down my eye as Cumann Staire had no events last week… But fear not: Events: ‘The Trial of The Templars’

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The ITGWU, ICA, IHSA, Galwaymen at War and Postgrad Opportunities (65.7)

Dearest Comrades, Last week, Prof Joseph Bergin (Manchester) greeted us with a splendid lecture about ‘The Problem of Religion in French History’, which was strangely encapsulating considering he spoke of sectarianism, royalist cruelty, and death. Much fun was had regardless.

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Religion, the French, IHSA and talks galore. (65.6)

Salutations Comrades, Last week your Cumann Staire welcomed Dr. John Paul Newman (Maynooth) to our lovely, peaceful university and gave us an enticing and captivating lecture on European Revolutions from 1917-1923; a period of time that, as it turns out,

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