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Of Winnie’s husband, Idi Amin (64.29)

Hullo Comrades, So. Starts. The. Email. We’ve got an African history themed week of sorts this week. We shall not be having our AGM this week as we had to rejig our schedule again. But, fear not, it shall take

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Of Rome Total War II, Those A-rabs (64.28)

Ho Ho Hello (dear comrades), It’s that time of the week again. Yes. Monday. Yes. We have some interesting things happening this week. Roman Senate Night Fadó fadó, The plebeians in Video Game Soc. came to us with a dream.

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Of Cake and Revolution, Gaeilge freisin (64.27)

Hello comrades,   A Cake! A Cake! My kingdom for a Cake. So said Marie Antoinette in 1798. We may not have cake for you, but we do have some lectures going on this week as you already know, because

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Re-enactment Tomorrow Evening (64.26)

Hi everyone, I am sending a very special email to tell y’all about a historical re-enactment we are having on campus tomorrow. Our good friends at Claiomh are having a talk and demonstration regarding life and warfare during the Irish

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Of fins, riots and yankees (64.25)

Dearest comrades, In the beginning there was nothing. Nothing to do. Nothing to do. Nothing at the beginning of the week. On the second of the week there is a lecture. And this is the lecture. Dr. Andrew G. Newby

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