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Of a lecture on a poet, but not really about poetry (64.13)

Dearest Comrades,   Wie geht es Ihnen?   We are back again this week to give you your much needed dose of history (in a good way). Hopefully some of you made history last week when you graduated (and we

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Of Lincoln, Sausages ‘nd False Advertisement (64.12)

Dearest Comrades, I told you. I told you. I told you that I would remind you! ​Prof. Thomas Bartlett ‘Abe Lincoln ‘ Tomorrow night we shall be having Prof. Thomas Bartlett (Aberdeen) speak on ​’an assessment of Abraham Lincoln: 150

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EEGM Results

We had our EEGM and it was extra special. Here is our ‘new and improved’ Coiste (Committee):   Auditor Patrick Deane Vice-Auditor Ciara Clarke Treasurer Michael Coppinger Secretary Jordan Markey 1st Year Representative Peter Hamrock 2nd Year Representative Conor Matthews

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Of an EEGM, the Liberator, the Divil etc. (64.11)

Dearest Comrades (and Emer), Some say the Divil is dead, the Divil is dead, the Divil is dead. Some say the Divil is dead and buried in Killarney. More say he rose again, more say he rose again. More say

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Of Robert Emmet, Specialness and Belfast (64.10)

Dearest comrades, I am sure you were not expecting to hear from ME again so soon. Well we have a few things to mention to you. So be prepared to be mentioned at. Mentioning commencing… Prof. Patrick Geoghegan As you

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