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Of 37 days, a mysterious occurance, next week etc. (64.7)

Dearest comrades, It’s me. Yes, me. How are you? … Really? … Well, you might want to get it seen to. Anyway, We ourselves have been getting along fine after a productive week of events during the week past. We

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Of a debate (64.6)

Dearest Comrades,   I bet you thought you wouldn’t hear from me so soon! Don’t forget that we have our inaugural lecture given by Prof. Anthony Heywood (Aberdeen) on ‘Mobilisation’, ‘Chaos’ and ‘Crisis’: Terminological Reflections on the Russian Empire’s Great War,

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Of imperial russia, a debate and last week (64.5)

Dearest Comrades, Another week begins. But all has changed utterly. Last week saw a fantabulous and momentous decision be put before a nation that would define an era. Yes, we talking about the Cumann Staire EGM of course. A whole

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EGM Results

Our EGM took place on Tuesday. We discussed the proposed new constitution and we elected a whole raft of new people onto our committee. Our full extended committee is as follows. Those in bold are the new additions! Auditor Patrick

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Of an EGM (64.4)

Dearest Comrades, Today is Monday. Tomorrow is Tuesday. The day after Tuesday is Wednesday which would be the day before Thursday. Tomorrow AKA Tuesday we are having our extra special bonus Extraordinary General Meeting. It shall be both glorious and

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