Of a party, an EGM and FREE pizza (63.9)

Hello Comrades,
We have some exciting news, we are still going ahead with all those things we said we would be doing this week! HUZZA!
New Members Party/Reception
We will(or should) be having a Meet & Greet in one of the teaching rooms(as seen below) on the concourse at 7pm tomorrow. We’ll be sending a text out to confirm the exact room[1] and there should be a sign outside the door too!

Come along and we can give you a run down of what we are planning, you can find out what you can do to get involved, and have the craic etc. And we can confirm that there shall be plentiful FREE pizza and FREE refreshments! 
EGM, yes really this time…
The extra special EGM has been rescheduled for Wednesday which again will be in one of the concourse teaching rooms at 7:30pm especially for YOU because we care about you very deeply.
We’ll have all the details for you Tuesday and the low down on exactly everything that is going to happen at it.
We’re all looking forward to seeing you all there for both events, and especially YOUYOU‘re great!

All the best,
John Devlin, 4BA
Public Relations Officer
P.S. Here is what happened last time… We all went to Busker Browne’s all dressed up all nice as flappers(the girls), and wore suits(the men), had the craic, had some free food and some beverages, we took some photos, it was great. THE END. 
[1] We get confirmation of our room bookings on Mondays you see!


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