Of Socs Day! (63.2)

Hi Folks,
Welcome back to another year at NUI Galway!
Socs Day
Socs Day is tomorrow(Wednesday). If you are interested in getting involved or just want to know what is going on don’t feel afraid to come down and say hello between 10 and 6. If you can’t make it come along, make sure to sample one of our events or even just drop us a line by email or on Facebook etc. 
We have as usual lots of plans and ideas for the upcoming year, which all shall be revealed very soon. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first, second, or final year, postgrad or don’t even do history, we welcome all!
We should be having a welcome night this week for all our new members and even the old ones too, details of which will be released soon.
Aiséirí Week
This year in conjunction with those dastardly guys over at Arch Soc. we will be running Aiséirí week which will run on September 23-26. This will include lots of activities which will focus on “bringing the past to life”, through all sorts of re-enactments, archery, pig-on-a-spit, replicas and originals of torture equipment,  weapons, a chariot and many other things. And that’s not even the whole list of events and activities to take place on campus during the week. All details will be posted on our website soon.
Join Cumann Staire!… again...
You are still on our mailing list, but most of you will need to sign up again to get our texts and to be a “member” of Cumann Staire which you can do so via YourSpace.
All the best,
John Devlin, 4BA
Public Relations Officer
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