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Hi folks,

Upcoming Conference
An Cumann Staire and the undergraduate academic year may be finished, but wait! Our very own history department at NUI Galway and postgraduates still organise events through the summer.  One of these events is the upcoming conference on the theme of Landed Estates & Irish Society. It is part of the ongoing Landed Estates Project at the Moore Institute. This will be held in the Moore Institute, NUI Galway on 13 – 14th June. Speakers include Philip Bull, Willie Smyth and a number of our current and recent postgraduates. You can find a copy of the fine conference programme right here. So perhaps you are still knocking about Galway for the summer and have an interest in this area, the conference is free to attend.
Don’t forget the conference is free to attend, but the organisers do need to have an idea of the numbers that they expect to attend, so make sure to register! 
Light Reading
For those of you who cannot make it or perhaps are interested by other periods and topics, and are longing for something to occupy you during all the long hot summer days, we might have the answer. The history department staff have recommended some light reading for outside of term time. You can find that very list right here. Try and guess what has been recommended by who!
History Dept. on Facebook
Also, in case you didn’t know Facebook is now a thing of the past; history. Hence, the History Dept. has set up a Facebook page, which you may view from right here
You can also see an accompanying bloghere which already has a few interesting posts online.
We ourselves are working away at organising another great year of events and have some very exciting plans in the works already. If you have an questions, suggestions or have any interest in getting involved, please do drop us a line!
Enjoy the summer,
John Devlin
(Incoming P.R.O.) 
P.S. In September don’t forget to sign up early and sign up often! You will need to sign up again in person or to resign up online to keep receiving the emails and texts which will all now be coming from yours truly.
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An Cumann Staire (History Soc.)

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