History at NUI Galway

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The History Department here at NUI Galway have embarked upon new horizons, having set up new Facebook and Twitter pages.


Aswell as this new social media presence, there is a blog which features posts on their own work and thoughts on a variety of topics. We certainly are happy to see this new development.

As their first post says:

So what’s all this about then? Written and run by the history community at NUI Galway, we hope that this blog will give you a sense of the kinds of things we teach, research and write on, the topics we’re interested in, and also provide a window on what’s happening in the wider world of historical research. (With a regular dose of fun thrown in too, of course.)

Feel free to use the comments section at the bottom of each post to add your own questions, queries or additions to the discussion. If you want to find out more about the blog and its authors, or have any comments about its content, you can email us at historyatgalway@gmail.com, or read more on the NUIG history website. Oh, and you can also sign up for RSS feeds, email alerts, etc, in the usual fashion if you want to be really up-to-date.


And of course you can still keep up to date on the history department website with respect to details about modules and such.

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