Application Period for ISHA Seminar in Vilnius

ishaThe application period for the ISHA Autumn Seminar in Vilnius starts today. The seminar will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania from 23-29 September It is titled “History in Practice”.

Their website says:

Throughout the whole time of humanity historical aspects were used as a tools which enabled certain groups of people to achieve their various goals. Nowadays, history is still being used for individual purposes, but its practical use has changed. New technologies and new thinking gave an ability, for our societies, to construct and to see history in a new ways.

This seminar, History in practice, will emphasize the connection between history and each individual person, society. It will look into the various means and products, political ideologies and stereotypes, cultural relationships etc. Discussions will make a better acquaintance with history as a relevant part of  the world‘s cognition in today’s life.

The seminar, is a good opportunity to improve communication between different people, to discuss about the value of history in XXI century and of course to see the capital of Lithuania.

All information can be found on their seminar website.

Contact your friendly neighbourhood Cumann Staire through the usual channels if you are interested in attending and we can help you with arrangements.

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