Society Founding Year Discovered

We can finally disclose for the first time as a society (since we last knew) that the society was founded in late 1951.

We have been in the process for some time of finding out about the illustrious history of An Cumann Staire or the History Society as it was formerly known. Unfortunately most of this had been the conceptualising the plans and general procrastination. Basically nothing had been known of the history beyond the last ten years and that it had been around for a long time.

Last Spring(2012), John Devlin out of interest enquired in the university archives about what written record reside there. The result was good and bad. There exist a very comprehensive minutes book from 1970-9. However, there are not any other minutes books that we know of. He also discovered that another record resides there, an oral one. Marie Boran, a former auditor of the society works in the archives. She gave some helpful information about the society. She did reveal that there is or was a minutes book in existence for the 1980s, but the recording secretary who had taken much care and diligence in her recording was unfortunate to have had her bag stolen one night. The bad contained the minutes book, which as of yet our foundation year. The society having being founded in 1951/2 would make the incoming committee of 2013/14 would be the 63rd of its history. Our very first auditor Claire Naughton too was uncovered, though nothing beyond this detail is known to us. It was found in the Connacht Sentinel 1927-current (Jan 8, 1952), p.4. You can see a copy of the article in question as part of this post below.

The research continues in earnest by Annika and John. Who knows what could be uncovered or become of it?

Connacht Sentinel 1927-current (Jan 8, 1952), p.4

Connacht Sentinel 1927-current (Jan 8, 1952), p.4

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