Updated History Month Schedule! (62.9)

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Below I have an updated list of the events for History Month. Some new events have been added 😀

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An Cumann Staire’s Schedule of Events for History Month 2013


1.       EVENT:     Launch Night

          DATE:       14/1/13

          TIME:        7pm

          VENUE:    ‘The View’, Aras na MacLéinn

2.       EVENT:     Speaker à Dr.Eamon Darcy (TCD)

DATE:       17/01/13

TIME:        7pm

VENUE:    Dillon Theatre

TITLE:      1641, a vulgar rebellion?

SUBJECT: 1641, Depositions &The Irish Situation


3.       EVENT:     Astronomy Society

Speaker à Professor Markus Woerner

          DATE:       21/1/13

TIME:        7pm

VENUE:    Dillion Theatre

TITLE:      “Galileo and the Copernican Revolution”


4.       EVENT:     Speaker à Tomás Ó Brógáin

          DATE:       24/1/13

          TIME:        7pm

          VENUE:    Dillion Theatre

TITLE:      ‘Saol gan staire, saol gan céannacht’ life without history is a life without identity


5.       EVENT:     Roc Soc

CD  & Record Fair

          DATE:       28/01/13

          TIME:        10-6pm

          VENUE:    Aras na MacLéinn


6.       EVENT:     Historical Debate

          DATE:       29/1/13

          TIME:        7pm

VENUE:    Ruby Room, 3rd floor, The King’s Head

TITLE:      “Michael Collins V Éamon de Valera
A modern interpretation of the Treaty debate that changed the course of Irish history.


6.       EVENT:     Rock Soc

à Concert

          DATE:       29/1/13

          TIME:        9pm

          VENUE:    College Bar

          TITLE:      50’s Theme Night featuring The Screamin Bluecats


7.       EVENT:     Lecturer: Dr. Emmet O’Connor (UU)

DATE:       31/01/13

TIME:        7pm


TITLE:      ‘The 1913 lockout: myth and reality’

SUBJECT:          1913 Lockout


6.       EVENT:     Speaker à John Cunningham

DATE:       06/02/13

TIME:        7pm

VENUE:    Ruby Room, 3rd floor, the King’s Head

TITLE:      “In weird and fancy costumes”: An Expurgated History of Rag Week in Galway


7.       EVENT:     Speaker àProf John Baines (Oxford)

DATE:       07/02/13

TIME:        7pm


TITLE:      ‘The formation of the ancient Egyptian state, ca. 3200-2800 BC’

SUBJECT:          Ancient Egypt, The Pyramids, etc.


8.       EVENT:     Roc Soc & Film Soc

                             Film Screening

          DATE:       11/2/13

          TIME:        9pm-1am

          VENUE:    Large Acoustic Room

TITLE:      Woodstock – 3 Days of Peace & Music (The Director’s Cut) (1970)



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