Trip Update (61.20)


We will be having an info meeting tommorrow at 5.30PM in the Hub, Áras na MacLéinn about the trip.
The Trip dates have been set for May 29th to June 3rd. (6 Days)
8-10 people(depending on a few factors) will be going on our trip. 5 of our committee(John, Skelly, Hanne-Mette, Ken and Kristy) are already confirmed as going, so there will be an additional 3-5 places available.
It will incorporate 2.5 days in Porto and 3.5 in Lisbon.
The Deposit is going to be €70 (NB there may also a further payment of up to an EXTRA €60, don’t pay the deposit unless you can afford the extra cost). Arrangement for payment of a deposit and extra costs will be made at the meeting.
The Trip cost will cover:
Bus to & From Dublin
Flight to Porto
Flight from Lisbon
5 Nights accommodation
It does NOT cover any food, drink etc.
NB there will also be a train from Porto to Lisbon which will cost €20-30 (Apparently), this is NOT included in the price, but you will get half of this refunded by the Societies Office if you produce a ticket when you come back, we can sort this out for you when we come back. All entrance fees etc. that you pay will be reimbursed of 50% with receipts up to €10.
There are no specific plans for the trip, we normally decide when we get there, but it should feature plenty of museum visits, pub crawls and sightseeing.
If you are interested in coming please reply to this with your student ID no. and come along to the meeting tomorrow! We should hopefully have more info re: price. tomorrow.
If you any further queries reply to this!
Cumann Staire
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