Trip to Portugal (Porto & Lisbon) (61.18)

Hi There,

We have been planning our international trip for quite a while now, but we have finally decided on Portugal now as our destination.
We would be planning the trip to take place in mid to late may, which would either be 22nd May to 28th/29th May or 29th May to 4th/5th June.
The cost should be between €50 – €80.
This would include:
– Flight to Porto from Dublin
– Flight to Dublin from Lisbon
– Train from Porto to Lisbon
– 5-7 Days Accommodation
This should be a brilliant trip, but we need to get an idea of who would be interested in going. Could anyone who would be interested in going on the trip please reply to this email ASAP!!!
The sooner we can finalise numbers, the cheaper it will all be!
Cumann Staire
P.S. ASAP!!!
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