Amazing General Meeting (61.19)

Good morning comrades,
all day long ( it is important to keep in mind the future of your destiny.
Next week at eight in the Siobhann McKenna (pending the decision of somebody who is not us) we will be having our AGM.
If you want to be on the committee next year then go to there then then and put your name forward. There’ll then be some kind of voting happening and then some other things.
There’ll be the usual refreshments at the event as well as a customary discussion about how the year ‘flew in’.
The positions up for decision are as follows:
Public Relations Officer
Arts Ball Organiser
The Disco Man
Web Master
Erasmus Rep.
Postgrad & IHSA Rep.
Ionadaí Gaeilge
OCMs and Year Reps
The one about the disco doesn’t exist. I made it up. I’m sorry.
Changes to the constitution can also be made at the AGM so if you want any of that to happen then come along with suggestions. I myself will be pushing for the creation of a Disco Man committee position. That statement is not true.
We’ll be discussing possible events for next year so bring your ideas and get mentioning them at us.
Also, there’ll be more info about our trip to Portugal at the end of May. It’s looking to be from the 29th of May to the 4th of 5th of June. If you or your life partner have any interest in coming along then contact us in touch.
That is all.
I should probably specify the day that the AGM is taking place.
All the other information is on the previous e-mail.
So come along.
As Mr.T might say: Have a pleasant weekend.
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