Band of them Brothers (61.3)

Hello you,
If you missed Band of Brothers last week then you are fool.
Everyone enjoyed the novelties and the Band of Brothers (see below for summery of the first episode).
Don’t begin to become a double-fool however by thinking about missing the second part tonight, it’s on at 8.30 in The View (Aras na mac Leinn).
This time there will be FREE PIZZA! as well, I’m told, as yet more novelties.
I love you all very, very deeply,
P.S. Here’s what happened last time. There were a bunch of army guys being ran around a field by Ross from Friends who shouted at them. Some characters and relationships were established, as well as the fact that one scene was filmed in England by the ubiquitous appearance of a red telephone box which was visible in every scene set there.  Anyway, Ross got fired because everyone turned against him because of something that happened while I was out having a smoke. Simon Pegg turned up and had an American accent. They all got onto aeroplanes to go out to fight Nazis and then Morgan Freeman’s voiceover came in “…and as they looked around, from one man to another they realised that they were no longer a band of people who weren’t related to each other, but that they had indeed become…A BAND OF BROTHERS!”.
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